Facebook Ads YOUniversity – $497

During this, in person one-on-one session you will receive intensive hands-on training on how to create your own strategic Facebook ad campaigns and never have to pay someone to do them for you again!

I’ve used them to increase sales in my own business ventures. My insurance agency went from “average” to one of the Top 100 producing offices for a corporation that is ranked #33 on the Fortune 500 list.

My agency is consistently one of the top 10 producing offices in my sales territory.

Reasons Facebook Ads Are King

  • Targeted Reach
    • There are over 2 billion Facebook users and your and ads will be specifically targeted to user profiles and their online activity. Targeting is based on Interest & Demographics
  • Real Life Engagement
    • People who see your ad can actually interact with it versus a TV or radio ad. They can also take immediate action from the ad since it’s viewed on an electronic device which increases your conversion rates


Phase 1: The Basics – (Understanding How Everything Works)

  • How to navigate the ads manager system tutorial
    • Why everything happens here
    • What features and options do you truly need to use
    • Why you should never “boost” an ad outside of here
  • The break down of an ad – what does each part mean?
  • Campaign
  • Ad set
  • Ad
  • Understanding the different advertising objectives & when to use them
    • Focused instruction on the 3 most commonly used objectives
  • How to edit and update your ads
  • How to split test ads for optimization
  • Picture ads vs. Video ads

Phase 2: Targeting – (Sniper Rifle Focus Vs Shotgun Approach)

  • How to create an effective ad from start to finish
  • How to develop “laser focused target audiences” based on your ideal client
  • How to use your Facebook Insights & Audience Insights to learn your target demographics
  • How to use your current email list to build a warm audience
  • How to create different audiences for different marketing objectives
  • How to use your Facebook Pixel for retargeting ads and marketing

Phase 3: Analytics – (The Checker Gets What The Checker Checks)

  • Learn how to analyze your ad results to ensure they are cost effective and helping you achieve your goals
  • Tracking
  • Reporting
  • Analysis